Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey continues - Heather seen at her roost

The Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey is now in its ninth year. Please contact harriers@ahg.gov.ie with any sightings or information on Hen Harriers that you may have at this time of year.

Last weekend, a number of roosts throughout the country were watched by participants of the survey and vital data was collected on the numbers and types (male/female) of Hen Harriers coming into roost. When all this data is collated with data from previous years, trends can be determined as to how the local and national Hen Harrier population is doing.

Our star of the show, Heather, was seen at her roost over the weekend. She had a small bit of a tussel with a Common Buzzard (a bigger, stronger bird) before she went to roost with a couple of her cohorts.

For those who have yet to watch their local roost for November, there is still time and please get out to contribute directly to this rare bird's conservation.

For anyone with sightings of Hen Harriers, do not have them just sitting in a note book - email your news to harriers@ahg.gov.ie

Beir Bua!

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