Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Heather uses 3 roost sites and gives vital data ranging from roosts and habitat use

Heather's ranging in South Cork
Since Heather arrived in South Cork, following her epic journey around the country, she has roosted in at least 3 locations. To show how well informed the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey is, all of these roosts were already known and are being watched by volunteers. Through Heather's satellite tracker, we know where she frequents and this is important in terms of establishing habitat use and ranging distance from her roost.

Meanwhile, Miranda continues to put the heart crossways on us! From last Monday until Saturday, her tag did not transmit data and various thoughts were running through our heads as to what might have happened to her. Fortunately, after ground searches for her on Saturday in Donegal, her tag transmitted data, but only for a short while. It is thought that she is still alive, though we would welcome more data to come in. Again the impressive nature of the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey was in evidence, given there is a known roost in the area she would have settled in on Saturday.

From Donegal to Cork, the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey has built a clear picture of the non-breeding ecology and conservation of Hen Harriers in Ireland. Contribute to this survey by contacting harriers@ahg.gov.ie today!

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