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  1. Looking forward to following the blog and the birds. Fair play to all involved and best of luck with the deployments! Conor

  2. this is great for the birds and great for ireland

  3. Please can we follow your Blog here at BTO Scotland. We run the English Hen Harrier Winter Roost Survey and would be very interested in your news. I'm Anne Cotton and I deal with volunteer engagement for the HHWRS

    1. Yes most certainly Anne, I will endeavour to keep you and all followers up to date on Thank You! Hope it is a good winter for Hen Harriers in both Britain and Ireland.

  4. Found your blog via your Facebook page, I will email through some recent sightings from the local area. I run a B&B in Duhallow & am a keen birdwatcher

  5. Good girl Heather, Really glad you have found a nice part of Cork to make your home, If you and your friend fancy a trip north we have a great spot in Cruisetown in the wee county.

  6. have seen 3 harriers in last week all males,two seem to be staying in same hen sighted yet .ballyhoura area

  7. I'm sure I sighted a Hen Harrier in the North Leitrim area, she has a particular shrill that makes beam with joy. I managed to get a photograph from last year when she flew into the garden. She's been a fond regular for the last couple of years. I would really to like to get the correct identification as I initially thought she was a kestrel but after drawing the hen harrier (pencil on paper) recently and checking out more photographs I think it is... It would be great to know either. Thank you for your blog. Kathy

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