Sunday, 20 October 2013

Heather doing fine in South Cork, Miranda at the other end of the island - in Donegal!

Glad to report that Heather is still doing well in South Cork, and not travelling too far from her roost - so that is a good thing - it must mean she has enough food in the local area to keep her well.

The image below shows some of Heather's habitat use today (Sunday 20 October). You will see she uses the scrub areas in particular for hunting. These are some of the most important patches of habitat on the landscape. Unfortunately, these pockets of habitats are becoming further diminished by the day, as landowners clear these "unproductive" areas so that Single Farm Payments can be derived from the land. This is happening today more than ever and much of the wildlife that lives in these areas are being lost. Heather's movements are showing the importance of these areas to an Annex 1 species which Ireland is obliged to protect - a species which indicates the general biodiversity of the area. If these patches of habitat are cleared, what will be left in terms of wildlife?

Meanwhile, Miranda has travelled to be with the Golden Eagles in Glenveagh, Co. Donegal!

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