Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sally on the Shannon Estuary, Heather in the Dublin Mountains

Sally has travelled from Kerry, to Cork, to Limerick and is now on the Shannon Estuary, making use of the farmland, scrub and hedgerows in the area.

Heather in West Limerick 24 August 2013

Heather is still in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains, making use of the heather moorland there. It is interesting to see how close to the large suburban populations of Dublin she is!

Heather in Dublin Mountains, overlooking Dublin City 24 August 2013

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  1. I'm interested to see from your map that 'Heather' visited Sandyford in south Dublin. A few years ago, I saw a female Hen Harrier passing by Lamb Doyle's Pub, beside Fitzsimons Wood, in the month of July. There are large overgrown fields in the area, which might be good places for harriers to hunt. Others told me of a pair of harriers they noticed in the area in that same week. As it was July, I thought they were post-breeding birds or failed breeders. What do you think?