Monday, 21 January 2013

Some News on Wing Tagged Hen Harriers

In 2009, a fabulous individual from the Ballyhoura Mountains on the Cork-Limerick border was wing tagged with two yellow tags and the letter C. She travelled first to West Clare where she stayed for a short while in the hope of establishing a non-breeding home range. Every winter since, she has spent her time back in her native Rebel County in South Cork. She was seen here again this January, in the company of two other females, and is now in her 5th calendar year!

In 2010, the extraordinary 'Little E' was tagged in Kerry and has spent every winter since at the opposite corner of the island, with a band of other harriers in Wexford (see post on this fella!).

In 2011, a very unique looking female Hen Harrier from West Clare was wing tagged with an orange left tag (for 2011) and a green right tag (for West Clare). She is currently wintering in the Burren area, looking well. Hopefully she will soon set up a breeding territory come the months of March and April.

Here's hoping for a very successful and lucky 13!!

Be sure to report any sightings, whether of tagged or untagged harriers to for the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey.

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