Satellite Tracking

Satellite tracking Hen Harriers can help gather vital scientific and conservation data and involve the community and general public in becoming more aware and knowledgeable about this, one of Ireland's most intriguing birds.

Satellite tracking provides unparalleled information on dispersal routes, habitat and landscape affiliation, ranging behaviour, natal philopatry, possible overseas movement, in-depth analysis of survival and even as yet unforeseen findings and applications of data. It will also help build on the sizeable body of research undertaken by the Irish Hen Harrier Winter Survey in finding new roosts or confirming relationships between breeding and non-breeding areas.

The Hen Harrier is a relatively light bird, with males weighing about 350g and females about 530g. Modern advances in technology have enabled satellite trackers to become so small and lightweight that they can fit on birds like the Hen Harrier without impacting on the bird's flight, hunting, breeding or general wellfare.

Microwave Telemetry PTT-100 9.5g device in the hand.


  1. just spotted this gorgeous animal for the 1st time ..thought i was eeing things maybe 60 metres from my kitchen window!! just beautifull, we are up the mountain outside drumshanbo in lovely leitrim :)

  2. Leitrim is a great place for Hen Harriers Tanja, look after them up there!