The Best Wolf Habitat Resides in the Human Heart (Native American Wisdom).

Hen Harrier Poster produced by NPWS/DAHG 2013. Artwork by Gordon D'Arcy. Click to enlarge.

Given the fact that we share our world with wonderful flora and fauna, and that our activity can directly and indirectly affect the natural world, public awareness and understanding is key to the conservation of any wildlife. This is particularly true for species that are have declined and continue to decline as a result of pressures on their ability to breed and survive. This is even more so the case for species that have suffered from negative perceptions due to a lack of understanding of the facts.

This website has been designed to directly bring to the public, the latest knowledge and research on Hen Harriers in Ireland. Websites, public presentations, press, radio and TV have all been used to promote Hen Harriers as an iconic species for Ireland. Schools awareness programmes in some of the most important areas have been a huge success.

The Hen Harriers that have been followed by satellite tracking have been named by local school children. Schools from the areas where the harriers spend their winter can connect directly with schools where the harriers spend their summer.

The feedback and enthusiasm of all, whether adults and children, has been and continues to be immense. Even by becoming a following member of this blog, you are showing your interest and support for this, one of Ireland's best indicators of wildness and a clean environment.

Cream of the Crop from Duhallow and Muskerry!

 Meelin National School, Co. Cork

Muinefliuch National School, Co. Cork

Scoil Fhursa, Lyre, Co. Cork

Carriganimma National School, Co. Cork

Clondrohid National School, Co. Cork

Banteer National School, Co. Cork